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Discovering the main features of every single City 
We present an itinerary to find out in depth and detailed 
the Province of Fermo, the place where we are.  We develop the
itinerary starting from the nearest places to us. 
Porto Sant'Elpidio: 
a well-known industrial center for the production of footwear as 
well as being a seaside resort enclosed in the balmy 
atmosphere of its vast pinewood overlooking the sea. City of renowned noble villas such as Villa Murri and Villa Baruchello, 
owned by the Municipality. In the summer months they are often 
used for cultural events such as the important International Theater Festival and always open to those who like to walk.
A short detour allows you to discover the beauties of Sant'Elpidio a Mare, famous for the historic center of great interest,
the Pinacoteca venue, Polittici di Vittore Crivelli and the Museum of Footwear. Each year the second Sunday of August takes place in the Contesa del Secchio and in the Middle Ages where you 
can relive the past with animations and historical performances.  
Porto San Giorgio:
a few kilometers further south, was guarded by the Turkish
infested pirate coast and developed port functions, becoming an
active and thriving fishing center. 
Today it is an important seaside resort full of chalets, 
lush gardens and squares.
From the coast we move to the hill in the city of Fermo, 
considered the monumental lounge of the Marche and one of the most 
flourishing towns of the Marche Region. Here we can visit the
ancient Roman Cisterns, the vast Girofalco Park on whose bottomstands the Duomo. The Piazza del Popolo is lined with porticoes behind the Teatro dell'Aquila. The 16th-century Palazzo dei Priori,whose interior rooms host the Civic Art Gallery with precious 
works and the Hall of the Mappamondo. At Villa Vitali, owned by 
the town, we can visit the Museum of Natural Science and Polar Museum, a hall that hosts a Meteorite found right here in Fermo
and the Pipe
 Museum. Every year, on August 15, the Palio dell'Assunta is held, a chivalric rehearsal party with the historic Cavalcade procession
 Torre di Palme:
classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The small 
village offers unparalleled views and churches and works of art of unique beauty, like the church of Sant'Agostino, which houses an altarpiece by Vittore Crivelli, and Santa Maria a Mare, on the 
outside with a large belvedere allows the eye to reach the sea. In the context of the village there is also the walk in the forest of 
Cugnolo, a short and easy path of 2 km which takes place along a stretch of the fossil dune, a few hundred meters from the sea, 
through a grove that is one of the few remaining flaps of
 Mediterranean vegetation of the Marche coast.
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